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The Nautelankoski Foundation


Established in 1996 in a contract between Lieto municipality and Lauri Nautela, the Nautelankoski Foundation was created to guide and care for museum activities in Lieto.


The Nautelankoski Foundation

  • Engages in recording cultural traditions, conducts research, creates exhibits, publicizes and teaches

  • Maintains and develops the Nautelankoski Museum and the Tarvasjoki Local History Museum

  • Maintains the Lieto local history archives

  • Is responsible for care of the natural areas, museum and relics of Nautelankoski and Kukkarkoski.

  • Maintains contact with organizations and entities in the field and cooperates closely with the municipality of Lieto and various authorities

  • Follows international developments in the industry


In order to support its activities the Nautelankoski Foundation may receive and manage private and public collections and items, donations, grants, etc. The Nautelankoski Foundation is managed by a board of directors.


Nautelankoski Foundation Board of Directors:


The five-member Board of Directors consists of one Lauri Nautela representative, two representatives chosen by the municipality of Lieto and two more members elected by the Nautelankoski Foundation.


Members in 2016:

Pekka Jokila, Chair

Jarkko Saari, Vice-Chair

Matti Metsistö, Member

Heikki Knuutila, Member

Juha Vuorela, Member

John Björkman, Expert, Turku Museum Centre

Leena Viskari, Secretary


Nautelankoski Foundation Delegation:


Members of the Nautelankoski Foundation Delegation are representatives from various homestead and cultural

associations that are active in Lieto.


Members in 2016:


Aila Peltola, Härkätien Environmental Conservation Association

Juha Vuorela, Tarvasjoki Homestead Organization Tarvaiset

Uno Ukkonen, Lieto Karelia Society

Heikki Knuutila, Lieto Farmer's Association

Laila Kallonen, Lieto Rural Women’s Advisory Organization

Leena Salminen, Lieto Martha Organization

Merja Jokila, Lieto Guides Association

Heikki Alikirri, Lieto Society

Merja Mäkiharju-Rantanen, Liedon 4H


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